Friday, October 4, 2013

Hawaiian Sky. LiveHard. SK.

Hawaii is just the perfect place to end Summer

Day 1 
After a long Kayak Trip we went to Matsumoto's Grocery Store
Rainbow Shave Ice made me a little girl again

On our way back we passed by a shrimp trunk 
Their garlic rice was killer 

Checked-in to the Disney Aulani Resort 
The amenities were great, could spend all day chilling in the resort 
and there will still be more to explore!

Day 2
Went snorkeling at the turtle canyon
Having sea turtles swim by you is the best thing ever

Although being in Hawaii, 
Japanese cuisines here are pretty well-known

Went to the Wolfgang Steak House for a dinner feast 

Day 3
Brunch by the beach is the best way to spend your relaxing weekend days

Sunset Beach 

Arancino De Mare
Uni pasta is a must try

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