Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hawaii, Maui. Zip line Day 2. Live Hard. AC

                 Today's schedule was going surfing and a zip line tour! 

An intro to my outfit today.
I chose a cover up that's more similar to my bathing suite. 
The material is also easy-dry.
Accessorized with my all time sunbath hat and 
gold oversized earrings.

Let's go surfing!!
It was a very nice day out.
With nice and strong waves at the Kaanapali Beach

Went for a zip line trip in the afternoon.
Maui's famous for its spectacular bird-eye views of the mountains, 
volcanoes and
the ocean. 

Too bad I was not able to get nice pictures of the sunsets and 
what I saw in person :(

Got a couple of pictures from between the seven zip lines I went on.


 There was also a middle lunch break for people to rest between
the third course and fourth with a total of seven lines, each 
with breathtaking views.
Zip lining is a must at Maui!

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