Friday, July 26, 2013

LB Day 2: The Classical Lace. Dress Hard. AC.

Lady Boo week day 2.
I am wearing a lace shirt with just a simple black pair of pants. 
An outfit that is suitable for all occasions!

 I am so lazy that I usually like to just grab a piece of fancy item and
match it with anything simple. 
Classic lace collared shirt is the best when it comes with black black bottoms. 

 I like to put my hair up too, so that the lace and collar can be seen.
Don't forget to put on some earrings too! 
I love my new earring that I got at Dong Chu, Taipei. It says "make me happy" =)

I don't like to put too many accessories on me, 
but still the essentials can not be forgotten!
Today's theme is black and gold, corresponded with my
earrings, heels, bag and watch!

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