Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hawaii, Molokini and Hana. Day 4. Live Hard. AC

Day Four in Hawaii! 
It was such a long day, 
went snorkeling and hiking

Left home to the harbour before the sun even rose
headed to an island about an hour away from maui, Molokini

As I had breakfast on the boat
the sun rose behind the clouds

On the way to the island so many dolphins whales and even 
sea turtles came to say hi!

Finally, arriving at the destination.
There were some other boats too with people prepping to snorkel/ dive

The clear water was incredible!
I was able to see so many fish and coral reefs at the bottom!

Right after I got back to the land I cruised around the road of Hana, 
one of the most popular attractions and route people take at Maui.

Views along the road were incredible. 
I had to stop and look at people enjoying themselves in the water. 
So many wind surfers!

Then not for long I found a secret entrance to a hiking route by the road

Being informed that there were three waterfalls along the way to the end,
I decided to go for an adventure. 

The sea of bamboos made me feel like I've come to another place so different from Maui.

The very second I walked through the bamboos, it was another world again!
There were small streams with trees that were tall but not tall enough to cover the clear blue skies.

Look at how clear the water was. 
I could even see my own clear reflection like a mirror.

Finally to the first waterfall.

Along the way I had to go through many obstacles like the ladder 
and the natural path as shown in the pictures.

The second waterfall was even prettier that gave me determination 
to take down the third

Lastly to the very last waterfall I had to swim for a bit 
through the huge pond
So sad I could not been able to take some pictures of the third. 
It was definitely worth going though! 

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