Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Must Eat Belgium Waffle. Wafels & Dinges. Eat Hard. AC

Introducing NYC's Belgium Waffle food truck 
Wafes & Dinges

All you need from this yellow truck is Waffles!

I was always a big fan of BelgiumWaffles. 
AND wafels and Dinges

Recently they decided to appear in front of my apartment. 
Where I have been having such hard times resisting.

Basically Wafels & Dinges are these yellow food trucks 
that you would never miss on the streets all over NYC.
They come out at various corners around Columbus Circle,
Soho, 5th Ave, Astor Place and many more spots.

The other day I trusted the manager and asked for what he thought was the best.
The combination was Nutella, whipped cream, chocolate fudge and strawberries, and man he was right.

You get to choose whatever toppings you want.
Or simply choose a combination they have on the menu.
They are all very delicious.

This is a truck located in midtown.

Of course following the crowd, the yellow truck stops by central park as well

Some bigger trucks offer waffles with bacons and cheese too! 
try some if you think sweet waffles are too typical :)

Wafels & Dinges have their cafes too. 
This one is in East Village New York.

Take a look at their menu and look at the delicious looking
pictures they have on the top right!

<Pictures credited to various websites>


  1. I understand this problem... I leave near Belgium , it is so hard for me to resist , waffels and fired chips perfumes.... Great blog here ! ♥

    1. I take my friends here all the time and they fall in love with them right away too :) no one can resist waffles~ thanks dear :)))