Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentines Michelin 2014 Restaurant. Jean George. Eat Hard. AC

Valentines day is around the corner!
In this freezing weather 
I would like to present to you guys~

 Jean George
a romantic French restaurant to bring your loved ones <3
It has been very well known for a long time
and it has remained on the michelin 2014 list!

Right beside central park,
you walk into this very simple reception
where you check in with the receptionists and get free coat checks

The whole restaurant is sunk in a very serene and elegant atmosphere
I couldn't even hear the waiters moving plates around!

Decided to go for the lunch single menus
I ordered three appetizers and two main courses

Breads, of course is served before meals. Waiters bring
a variety of breads for you to choose from

Then it was the appetizers that came along before our orders

First came the scallops. With some chef's sauce and white broccoli

Then I had shrimp 

I personally recommend the ravioli they offer
for people who are fans of creamy white sauce spaghettis and 

Here comes the main course!
this is the steak 
medium rare is what the chef recommends and he was right!

Then it was the chicken
very very tender

Of course there must be desserts to make a perfect meal

I ordered winter and chocolate. 
they come in sets where it's like small tasting menus with different flavors

then here comes the surprise!
they provide macaroons and tea after every meal 

also the vanilla marshmallows were delicious as well 

Spent around $140 in total today
which I thought was very worth it
We had more than enough and they were all very tasty!

of course after a good meal 
it was time to go for a good walk

went for a more chic outfit today

 <<Reminder: jean George hosts private events at times so make sure you double check with the restaurant before you go! Reservations a month before planned date is recommended>>

Jean George 

1 Central Park W

New YorkNY 10023
(212) 299-3900

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