Friday, May 10, 2013

Food Hunt on a rainy day.Eat Hard. AC

Opened up today and saw 80% rain today.
But I still can't help to go out and hunt for food. 

Today was  not that cold, I went for a simple top and high waisted shorts to
go with my bright red hunter boots. 

My bag is very flexible, I folded it, 
making it look like a mid-size clutch

 Although these pair of rain boots aren't doing as much waterproof work as the knee high ones, they are still my favorite! <3

 Introducing the restaurant for today, ROBATAYA
It is a Japanese grill/ set meal restaurant. 
It is pretty authentic, but they made the bar very very special, where customers can see what are being grilled.

We were assigned to the table at the back today unfortunately, 
here is the menu!

Aren't their decor so delicate and Japanese. 

Enoki Mushroom. 

They're most popular dish, Kamameshi. 
Many people go just to get this dish. 
They offer many different flavors as well,
this one is Salmon/ Salmon roe. 

Very recommend their grill as well. 
From the right to the bottom: Tsukune, Momo, and Washu-Gyu. 
the last dish is their home-made sauce that comes with them.

Chawan Mushi

Asapara Bou

The bar area. (apologize for the bad quality)

 and that's me waiting for our food to come ;)

231 E 9th St

New York, NY 10003
(212) 979-9674

Earrings: Taiwan
Blue sweater: Forever21
High waisted shorts: Stylenanda
Rainboots: Hunter
Clutch: Stylenanda

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