Sunday, May 19, 2013

Reflect The Sunlight. Dress Hard. SK.

The sun has been shining bright lately.
Keeps us excited for the upcoming summer season!
With summer right around the corner, 
it's time to stock up some shades.  

 This summer season we're ready to reflect the sunlight
with these dope looking mirrored shades.

Here are some of my favorite picks.
Of course I would take a pair of Alexander Wang sunnies any time, 
I gotta compromise for my wallet. 

Sunglasses are honestly the easiest way to spice up an outfit. 
There are so many varieties in the market,
so go out and get yourself some mirrored sunglasses. 

Personally, these Ray-Ban mirrored sunnies are my favorite. 

From top to bottom
($475 Prism Sydney here; $390 Alexander Wang here; $20.36 Asos Wayfarer here; $149 Wildfox Popfox here; $95 Armani Exchange here; $160 Ray-Ban Aviator here )

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