Thursday, May 30, 2013

Red, Yellow and Blue. Live Hard. AC.

Had a walk to Madison Square Park for an installation on a weekend.

Orly Genger hand made all these its and bits
painted the ropes and stack them up into what we saw that day!

I inspected almost every inch of the installation, and there's no spot that was left unpainted!

There were also blue and yellow ones that were on the other corners of the park.

Let's take a closer look at it, aren't they so strong and tightly tangled.

Genger is known for making arts with ropes and colors,
here are her previous works.

It was a very nice and sunny day, not only I decided to take a walk at the park,
many people came out to enjoy the yet to come start of summer. 
at the corner of my eye I spotted this girl with a style I admired.


I went for a simple and clean look today

They were so pretty in person and interesting in a way,
I really hope that they didn't have to tear them down ;(

and then to test how strong it was,
I climbed onto the top ;p

I wore my customized converse for the first time today.
Waited for them for two weeks!

Madison Park
Orly Genger,
Red, Blue and Yellow.

TOP: sly
CARDIGAN: Feng Jia (Taiwan)
SHORTS: stylenanda
SNEAKERS: Converse (Customized)

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