Saturday, June 8, 2013

Moment Cafe Taiwan. Eat Hard. AC

I found a very interesting and unique restaurant around chin-mei area of Taichung City, TW!

Moment Cafe, hidden between the tiny alleys of Taichung City just behind Sogo Department Store.

Right before we step into the cafe, this door brings us to a wall of camerasss!

 This is the inside! People sit down and drink tea, coffee, and read magazines. and yes, on those sofas.
By the door is a nice place to sit on a sunday afternoon too.

 11 am till 11 pm. Though sadly when we went they weren't ready to serve yet. 
Can't introduce and try their food and dessert. =(

This small cafe has many photography related displays 
 the style is very distinct. very comfortable yet timeless place for a cup of coffee.
 I love their sofas. Very comfortable and big. a place that feels like home.
 their bar area and kitchen is open, where you can see cameras on the top shelves and around the shop.

 Today's outfit check!

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