Sunday, June 16, 2013

Shark Bites Toast. Eat Hard. AC

Hi Everyone!
This time I am introducing a quick and easy sandwich restaurant, 
Shark Bites Toast

It is a popular spot for college students to gather and grab something to eat before they rush to class.

This one specifically is located by Feng Jia University.
The location is VERY valuable for students, overhearing that there are several dorms and apartments just right around the corner.
 The store is themed yellow, ironically not blue. LOL

Here we go, menu!!

 This place is mainly for brunches,
famous for their variety of sandwiches.
 On the other side of the main area,
 they opened up another space to serve more people.

 Sharks Sharks Sharks ...

Today we tried both sandwich and waffle meal,

The chips were especially delicious! 
We ordered chocolate banana waffle, personally think it was okay though, 
but I would like to come back and try other flavors.
Last but not the least,

Shark Bites Toast. 
Cost: $$

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