Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wall Of Your Own. Live Hard. SK.

Got an empty wall but don't know how to decorate it?
Here's an easy way to instantly spice up a plain boring space without breaking your budget!
Make a poster or write up your favorite quote : )

What you will need:
Poster frame x1
Poster paper x2
Measuring ruler
Adhesive glue 

1. Measure out your poster paper to fit your poster frame.

2. Trim along the measurements.

3. In my case, I decided to cut up my poster paper in strips to create subtle texture for my poster.

4. Glue together the poster strips to your liking arrangement 
simply work on a plain poster canvas and skip this step. 

5. Sketch out your design or quote.

Here are some poster quote inspirations.

6. Once you've sketched out your quote or design, trace with sharpie or marker of your choice.

7. Once you're done and happy with your poster design, just frame it up!

Hang up the poster and there you have it, your very own wall decor! 

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