Thursday, June 27, 2013

100 Yrs Before the Birth of Doraemon. Play Hard. AC

 For the love of Doraemon. 
I had to come to the 100 Years Before the Birth of Doraemon exhibition in Taichung!

I had my blue and white outfit ready just to go with the theme 
Don't I just blend in so well ;p
 At the entrance this life- size doraemon welcomes everyone to his party where it says
"celebrating the 100 years before Doraemon is born"
 Also there are yellow ones which I later figured out it was the former look of Doraemon before he turned blue.
 He was originally yellow! and with cat ears, which I already knew. 
 Then we go into this mirrored room with him and his time machine placed in the middle. 
         Then after passing through the time traveling room here we see another ten billion Doraemons with all his tricks and props! Aren't they sooo cute?
 I'm reading the originally comic book~
 Each and every Doraemons have their own facial expressions
 Look, I'm blending in again =p
 and a fun thing to do is to imitate their expressions. Some are actually pretty hard to do

 Then here we see sections of comic books displayed on they wall. 
I have actually never read its comic, only the cartoon. 
Plus they are in black and white! dullll

 Then there are some actually pages and histories take from past books and pieces. 

 The last section is where I enjoyed the most. There are houses of most of the characters!
This one I am standing outside of Shizuka's house.  
Of course after finishing the exhibition there are souvenirs to buy. They have almost everything with 
Doraemons all over. 
Including their food! 

Look at how cute their yakult bottles are.
and of course they sell food, with cute lunch boxes and water bottles at the exit. 
You are very welcome to stay and eat or eat before you start the adventure!

100 Yrs Before the Birth of Doraemon 
now till 7. 21. 2013
weekdays 9am-5pm
weekends 9am-6pm

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