Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Who Together. Eat Hard. SK.

Today I'm introducing this coffee & tea shop in the ally.
This renovated old house offers a unique and relaxing atmosphere

Who Together is a Japanese styled coffee & tea shop
perfect for a laid back afternoon. 

First thing you see walking into Who Together are a handful of art exhibition flyers.
The owner is a passionate art collector who loves to help spread and recommend local young artists. 

The interior design creates a relaxing atmosphere. 
The last time I came, I completely forgot about time and stayed there for more then 3 hours. 

Who Together started because the owner is a coffee lover. 
His own apartment invited many of his friends to come and enjoy time together.
His old apartment then became a casual coffee shop.
As more and more customer began to visit his place, 
the owner decided to buy a old house and renovated to open up Who Together.

The owner holds art exhibitions from time to time. 
While enjoying you coffee or tea, you can take in the beauty of the artwork. 

That day I ordered a special tea blend. 
Although it was a little pricy but the quality of the tea was worth it. 

Besides from the tea, I also order these candied citrus slices.
The texture of the citrus slice is light and cooling for a hot summer day. 

Lastly, I also order these cheese cake. 
Not only is it full of flavor, it is also not too sweet. 

If you are a cat lover, then you definitely have to pay Who Together a visit. 
All over the shop, you can find cute lazy cat.

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